ZR Double Tank Floating Bed Water Softener Valve

ZR type double tank floating bed control valve including ZR4-1/ZR4-1S(Side Loading), ZR10-1/ZR10-1S(Side Loading). It is equiped the inlet flow Meter and drainage flow meter, All the parameters is set by water volume, The double swap tank is for Alternating regeneration. Continuous water production, Water quality is stable , Adapted to the to high hardness water softening, such as the steam boiler and heating engineering and production process water.

ZR Double Tank water softener valve CHARACTERISTICS

Microcomputer planar valve; non-wear sealing; cutting off the inflow when shifting location; exerting no influence on the quality of water;

Floating bed ion switch; backflow regeneration; double pots working alternately; suitable for softening water at high degree of hardness;

Even if the pressure of inflow is 0.05MPa, the equipments can still absorb salt and work normally;

There are two modes to choose from (flow pattern and time mode); Users can set parameters according to the hardness of raw water and the field conditions; The consumption of salt is low;

Chinese(or English) operating interface; state memory function of cutting off the electricity and water;

The equipment can coordinate with the liquid level switch and automatically turn itself on and off.

ZR Double Tank Water Softener Valve Scope of Usage

This series of equipments can be applied extensively in all situations which employ softened water and they are especially suitable for treatment of well water at a high degree of hardness, and small-and-medium sized steam boilers (below 15t/h) which have stringent requirements for softened water. These equipments are the best choice. Steam boilers of more than 15t/h are more suitable for the FR series

ZR Double Tank Water Softener Valve Selection