FL-9900 High Precision Type Runner Flow Controller

FL-9900 flow transmitter adopts all-digital circuit design, which has the characteristics of simple circuit structure, high precision, good reproducibility, strong anti-interference ability, high protection level, easy installation and use. Widely used in water treatment, cooling water, chemical, biopharmaceutical, power plants, cement plants, sewage treatment, colleges and universities, research institutes and other industrial processes real-time, on-line monitoring of fluids。

Flow Controller Instrument Characteristics

■ Full digital design, good anti-interference
■ A variety of installation methods, disk mounting, wall hanging, integrated installation
■ A variety of signal output: pulse output, isolated 4-20mA output, RS485, two groups of switching quantity
■ Circulatory menu, easy operation
■ Password protection to prevent misoperation
■ SMT process, high integration, stable measurement, low power consumption, good repeatability of electronic unit
■ The maximum accumulated flow rate is 9999 9999.999, and the bottom function of the table can be preset;
■ Instantaneous flow, high/low alarm, relay output control function;
■ Dual quantitative control function, can be equipped with low limit alarm and high limit alarm;

FL-9900 High Precision Type Runner Flow Controller:

FL-9900 High Precision Type Runner Flow Controller Spec