DR Large Series Floated Bed Soften Valve

DR20\40\50\20T\40T Soften valve series is floating bed, all appearance and geometric parameters and parts is the same as the corresponding GR20\40\50\20T\40T, floating bed has a good water quality, to adapt high hardness of the raw water, configuration swap tank should be fine and high, runing velocity in the 30-60 m/h, but resin filling rate must be above 90%, being stable working pressure,The floating bed is not suitable for frequent starting and changing water consumption.

DR Large Series Floated Bed Soften Valve Features:

1. Full flow control, especially the salt absorption flow control in the regeneration process, saving salt and water, saving energy and reducing consumption.
2. Keyboard lock function to prevent misoperation.
3. Power failure parameter protection, power failure memory and water failure memory.
4. The end face ceramic seal with high flatness and corrosion resistance is adopted, which has good sealing effect and long service life.
5. The number of repeated flushing can be set.
6. Optimized design of valve body and flow channel, with greater water production.
7. Multiple interlocking and multi-mode output control can be used to control the feed water pump, the water inlet solenoid valve, and realize the parallel interlocking of double valves, one for use and one for backup.
8. The 485 interface can be extended to realize remote control.

DR Large Floated Bed Soften Valve Parameter Setting

DR Large parameter setting

DR Large Floated Bed Soften Valve Flow process

dr20Flow process
DR Large Floated Bed Soften Valve Selection
DR Large data