DO-1800 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Online dissolved oxygen detector is an online intelligent dissolved oxygen detector produced by our company with the introduction of foreign technology, using imported components and dissolved oxygen film head, based on the latest polarographic analysis technology, and advanced production technology and surface attachment technology. The use of this series of advanced analytical techniques to ensure long-term stability, reliability and accuracy of the instrument. With Chinese menu operation, 485 communication and other functions. It can be widely used in chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection water treatment engineering, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, aquaculture and tap water and other solutions for continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen value.

Main technical features

◇ Large screen dot matrix LCD display, Chinese menu operation.
◇ Multi-parameter display at the same time: dissolved oxygen value, temperature, output current, alarm point, etc. are displayed at the same time, intuitive and easy to read, and there is a warning that the range is out of limit.
◇ The screen displays the alarm status and can be accompanied by the switch ON signal output.
◇ Automatic temperature compensation function: automatic 0 ~ 60℃.
◇ Communication function (optional) : with RS-485 communication interface (partially compatible with MODBUS protocol), the DO value corresponding to 4 ~ 20 mA current output can be set arbitrarily.
◇ Arbitrary setting of hysteresis function to avoid frequent action of switching relay.
◇ Watchdog function: ensure that the meter will not crash.
◇ Core devices are from famous foreign brands.
◇ Factory Settings can be restored. Power failure protection > 10 years.

DO-1800 Dissolved oxygen measurement and control instrument DO-1800 Dissolved oxygen DO-1800 Dissolved oxygen DO-1800 Dissolved oxygen