CCT-8301A Conductivity/Resistivity Online Controller

Widely used for electric power,electronics,metallurgy,petrochemical,pharmaceutical ,food and  beverage,environmental protection field.


Widely used for electric power,electronics,metallurgy,petrochemical,pharmaceutical ,food and  beverage,environmental protection field .


• intelligent automatic range switching and digital temperature compensation
• integration of conductivity/resistivity/TDS/temperature parameter measurement;
• Wide measurement range from ultra pure water (0.054 u S/cm) to concentrated water (100 ms/cm);
• 240 x 160 monochrome liquid crystal display (two backlights color optional), bilingual Chinese/English, multiple parameter display in same screen
• With the Conductivity constant 0.01;0.1;1.0;10.0(cm-1)
• Arbitrary selection of Conductivity, resistivity, TDS, setting and operating of advanced links, simplify the setting process
• Dual channel, full isolation of current loop, one for send the conductivity/TDS/resistivity signal, the other for transmitting of temperature signal;
• Instrument/Transmitter; good anti-jamming performance, can meet the safe operation of the vast majority of electromagnetic environment;
• Triple channels Photo-electrical semiconductor relay,time management the Conductivity/Resistivity temp
• Perpetual calendar function, set appointment timing, providing time label for recording data;
• RS485communication port, Standard Modbus RTU protocol;
• With the CE certification ;
• Complete isolated channel for the Power , measurement, transmitter and control ;
• Pt1000 temperature compensation, with the professionalization of temperature measurement/temperature control;
• DC24V power supply, conform to the safety standards of high humidity site ;
• Optimal electromagnetic compatibility design, good anti-jamming performance ;

Main technical features:

CCT-8301A Conductivity Resistivity Online Controller Spec