1828 Low Pressure Valve

Widely used in water purifiers, business water machines, pure water machine
Easy to use with reduced installation time
Can be used on a variety of pipes including copper pipe
No tools required
Fittings are cost-effective reusable components for maximum flexibility
For warm and cold water
Corrosion-free with no scale build-up

1828 Low Pressure Valve Connector

Name: Low Pressure Valve

Model: 1828

Working Temperature: 5℃~45℃”

Burst pressure: ≥3.2MPa”

Color: White/Gray

Body Material: POM

Storage Temperature: -20℃~-65℃

PE Tube Insert: ≤50N

PE Tube Pull Out: ≥80N

Clap Pull Out Test: 20 times without damage

Leakage Test: No Leakage Under 1.2MPa for 5 Mins

1828 Low Pressure Valve Connector Spec

1828 Low Pressure Valve